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Office of Human Resources

How many people currently work at UTMB?

We have about 11,534 employees, of which 27% live right here on Galveston Island

What is UTMB's hiring rate?

UTMB's hiring rate has increased by 2.39% from FY2008 and has maintained its workforce diversity.

In FY2012, we hired just over 2,400 employees.

Is UTMB a good place for the long term?

Sure it is!

Ask any of our 1,678 annual retirees.

Under the direction of Ronald B. McKinley, Ph.D., Vice President of Human Resources, the Office of Human Resources strategies include Retaining, Attracting, Developing, Partnering and ensuring Performance of our workforce. Click here for our mission and vision statement. 

HR Operating Plan 2016

HR Organizational Chart

HR Management Scorecard