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HR Compensation

UTMB Human Resources Compensation

Our goal is to provide a competitive total reward program to attract, retain, motivate, and develop our employees, in support of the Vision, Mission, and Business Strategy of The University of Texas Medical Branch.


Compensation Restructure: Frequently Asked Questions

Institutional Salary Administration Procedures

HR Facts Library

Career Ladders: Explains the difference between a career ladder and career path

Non-Recurring Merits: Explains what is an NRM, when and how they can be awarded.

Retroactive Pay Adjustments: Explains when retroactive pay adjustments can be made.

Compa-Ratio: Gives a brief explanation of a Compa-Ratio.

Market Adjustments: Explains when a market adjustment can be made.

FLSA: Gives a brief explanation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Compliance and Education

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Institutional Compensation Policies and Procedures: