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Employee Health Clinic

Annual TB Screening Deadline for Academic Enterprise and Health System – April 30

The deadline for all credentialed medical staff and health care workers in the Academic Enterprise and Health System to complete their annual TB screening is April 30.

TB testing is offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at
the Employee Health Clinic and at certain clinics and inpatient units.

Employees tested after Dec. 1, 2014, do not have to be rescreened at this time. Those
who have had a positive TB test must complete the TB Evaluation Form; a chest X-ray will not be required unless an employee is symptomatic.

The Employee Health Clinic provides work-related health services to employees.

Annual TB Screening for Health Care Workers
UTMB requires all health care workers to participate in annual tuberculosis (TB) screening.
This institutional requirement applies to anyone who provides direct patient care, enters patient rooms, or comes within six feet of patients in the course of his or her duties. Click here for the annual TB screening schedule.

Flu Free 2014–2015
As a condition of continued employment, all health care workers must get an annual flu shot or formally decline the vaccination by signing this statement. All other employees, retirees, and volunteers are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated, unless prohibited for medical reasons. Click here for more information.


  • Work related health services for employees
  • Health assessment and new employee medical clearance
  • Clinical occupational health program
  • Research occupational health program
  • Immunizations & TB compliance
  • Medical treatment and followup for blood-borne pathogen & communicable disease exposures
  • Work related injury treatment - First Aid
  • Foreign travel medical examination
  • Urine drug screen collection

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