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Employee Injury/Illness Management

UTMB Human Resources : Employee Injury Management

Employee Injury/Illness Management provides guidance and assistance with:

  • Workers’ compensation injuries
  • Ergonomic worksite evaluations
  • Temporary job modifications
  • Permanent job accommodations

Workers’ Compensation Insurance (WCI)
WCI is a form of insurance specifically designed to provide medical benefits and, in some cases, financial payments to employees on the payroll of UTMB who suffer compensable injuries or occupational diseases in the course and scope of employment. Workers’ compensation is not health insurance, and it does not provide compensation for damage
to or loss of personal property.

Please note: Reporting an injury does not make it compensable, and not all injuries
are covered.

Report an On-the-Job Injury

Ergonomic Worksite Evaluation
The goal of an ergonomic worksite evaluation is to allow for a more adjustable, supportive,
and comfortable work area that results in a neutral, low-stress posture for the employee.

Request an Ergonomic Worksite Evaluation

Temporary Job Modification
A temporary job modification allows employees with temporary disabling medical conditions
to perform their job through a modification of job tasks and/or job schedule.

Request a Temporary Job Modification

Permanent Job Accommodation
The purpose of the permanent job accommodation process is to make it easier for people with disabilities to obtain protection under the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act (ADA). Employee Injury/Illness Management actively engages in the interactive process to determine
if there is a need for a reasonable accommodation.

Request a Permanent Job Accommodation


  • Work related injury/illness assistance
  • Temporary job modification
  • Ergonomic worksite evaluations
  • Supervisor training
    on Workers' Compensation procedures
  • Americans with Disabilities Act


Injury Report Form

Ergonomic Worksite Evaluation

Request for Temporary
Job Modification

Request for Permanent
Job Accommodation

Physician's Work Certification


Workers' Compensation Insurance

Temporary Job Modification

Americans With
Disabilities Act

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