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Emergency Planning

UTMB managers must ensure they are prepared to deal with all adverse situations such as severe weather or other situations causing disruption of operations. To facilitate the required operational activities in the event of an emergency, a variety of resources are available to
assist you.

UTMB Emergency Operations is the online home for the UTMB Emergency Operations Plan, the Bioterrorism and Emerging Infectious Diseases Readiness Plans, and related documents. It is the policy of UTMB to provide a framework for response to emergencies, internal or external, naturally occurring or man-made, which will guide all staff in managing the event safely and assuring rapid recovery to normal operating conditions.

UTMB Alerts is an emergency communication tool for the university community during emergency conditions. This service is only activated in an emergency situation when there is a risk of significant harm or an urgent threat. Although registration for this system is voluntary, it is highly recommended all employees register for this service.

The Emergency Preparedness Employee Acknowledgement Form is completed on an annual basis by all staff to designate which employees are essential and which are non-essential personnel during adverse conditions. For the CMC Emergency Preparedness Employee Acknowledgement Form, click here.