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Special Population Management Program
And R.E.A.D.I Program

The purpose of the Special Population Management is to serve individuals with acute or chronic injury or conditions by expanding the areas of treatment and njury prevention. Special attention is given to exercise and nutrition within these populations that need targeted assistance. Population includes: students, staff, alumni, retirees, hospital volunteers, and spouses. The program focus includes: decreasing pain, increasing cardiovascular endurance, strength, range of motion, balance, and flexibility, weight control, behavior change, nutrition, and improving quality of life at work and home.

Patient Referrals - Depending on the health care provider’s specific referrals, patients are counseled on exercise and/or nutrition programs specific to their particular needs. The special population management program receives patient referrals from many health care providers including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. Initial reports are given to referring health care provider, patient, and Exercise Physiologist, as well as updated reports provided at follow-up visits with the referring provider to assure proper communication and integrated team efforts on the progress of the patient. Costs for the services are the responsibility of the client/patient and are due at the time of the appointment at $30 per visit, payable to UTMB. For detailed information, contact Julie Dial, M.A. at jbdial@utmb or (409) 747-0419.

Reducing Employee Accidents & Disability Initiative (R.E.A.D.I)

This program helps employees with work-related injuries progress through the recovery process more efficiently while improving their fitness level. Employee Injury Management staff and the treating physician refer employees for the program. Once the employee is referred to R.E.A.D.I., they receive 3 months of personalized exercise prescription with a Wellness Specialist. The first 6 weeks include one-on-one sessions. Initial and final fitness assessments are conducted to assess employee progress. Our goal is to reduce both the impairment rating resulting from the individual's injury and the lost time cost of the injury. For more information on the R.E.A.D.I. Program, contact Julie Dial @ jbdial@utmb.edu (409) 747-0419.