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Employee Records

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Our Mission

The Office of Employee Records Services function is responsible for the maintenance and management of the official UTMB/CMC employee HR personnel records for all regular, non-regular, staff and faculty positions. The purpose is to ensure an understanding and standardization of procedures relating to the security and management of the official HR institutional and department personnel records stored in multiple mediums (paper, electronic and microfiche). The employee HR personnel file is designed to maintain personal/biographical data, as well as current / historical information relative to the employee's service from initial employment to the time of separation. Employee HR personnel files are not confidential and are subject to the Texas Open Records Act. Additional services provided include the wage, employment, and service verifications, as well as public information requests. The Office of Employee Records does not maintain or store student records or transcripts. Those documents are stored in Enrollment Services.

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Update Your Public Disclosure Information here

All employees are requested to complete this update.

Failure to update your public disclosure will result in an automatic default to ”Y” meaning your emergency contact information may be released if requested.

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Notice - Employment Verification of International Staff:

If you are leaving the United States for personal or business reasons and require an Employment Verification letter, remember that your letter CANNOT be dated more than 3 days before your departure per US Customs requirements. If your letter is not dated within the 3 days of your departure, you may not be allowed re-entry.


Employee Files (UTMB HR Policy 3.1.2)

Electing to Disclose Address and Telephone (Texas Government Code: Public Release Act 552.024)

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