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A very important part of Talent and Organizational Development is celebrating the wonderful accomplishments of the many fine UTMB staff members.

Celebrations and events are held in honor of those retiring from UTMB, those who have reached milestones in their years of service to the University, those who have "gone the extra mile", those who have not used their sick leave and conferences is held every other year to celebrate our Support Staff and Leadership.

GEM Program:

Celebrating those that "go the extra mile" in their daily activities. Mark your calendars for upcoming special GEM events and drawings. Please click the GEM link above for additional information.

Discount with ID (DID) Program:

Discounts are offered by various businesses and organizations to UTMB employees. This program has expanded to include locations all over the state of Texas. Please click the DID link above to view the vendors in your area.

Employee Service Day Program:

Ceremonies are held twice per year to share the longevity of our staff members from 5+ years, in 5 years increments. GEM honorees are also recognized during the ceremonies. For more information please click the Employee Service Day link above for more information.