Diversity & Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is charged with advancing UTMB as the educator, employer and provider of choice by promoting an inclusive environment that actively values diversity among staff, faculty, students, patients and the broader community. The office’s mission is to integrate inclusion and excellence into the core aspects of the university's work through thought leadership, consulting and service delivery.

Diversity Council

The Diversity Council represents the cornerstone of the diversity and inclusion process. The council is a chartered committee responsible for leading and supporting programs and practices that reinforce the goals outlined in the Diversity and Inclusion strategic plan. Its mission is to work together to harness the broad spectrum of ideas, experiences and voices that characterize the UTMB community.

Diversity Home Page

  • About the Council

    The Diversity Council is an institutional think-tank that provides oversight and implementation accountability for the various aspects of UTMB's diversity and inclusion strategic plan. Council members are representational thought leaders who drive the institution’s efforts based on a clear charter and operating with the full and visible support of senior executive leadership.

    The council is organized into four subcommittees that mirror UTMB's operational structure. Each subcommittee is led by two co-chairs and council members who serve a one- to three-year term.

    Co-chairs work to lead the assigned scope of work within the current fiscal year term. Each co-chair may be appointed for a one- or two-year term and may be re-appointed for up to three yearly terms. Terms begin, once appointed, at the beginning of each fiscal year. Throughout the term, the chairs will work with the subcommittee to provide a progress report to the council and executive leadership liaison, indicating the outcomes of the council term, as well as make recommendations for future programs and initiatives for consideration.

  • Leadership Commitment

    UTMB has a time-honored history of leading and supporting initiatives and practices that not only highlight our commitment to diversity but the necessity of diversity and inclusion to the university's character and success.

    A fully committed and active Diversity Council enables us to continue to promote a culture in which diversity and inclusion is woven into all we do: in our teaching, in our research and in the type of individuals we select as our students, staff and faculty. This commitment is rooted in the understanding that UTMB charts the best course for the future by harnessing a diversity of views, ideas and perspectives.

    Charles P. Mouton, MD, MS, MBA
    President ad interim, Provost and Dean, John Sealy School of Medicine

    Timothy J. Harlin, DSc, MBA, FACHE
    Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, UTMB Health System

    Becky Korenek, MHA, MBA
    Executive Vice President, Business Development and Chief Strategy Officer

    Vivian Diaz Kardow, MBA, SHRM-SCP, SPHR
    Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Council Members

    Dr. Charles P. Mouton
    President ad interim, Provost and Dean, John Sealy School of Medicine

    Dr. Alfredo Torres
    Microbiology And Immunology, Academic Enterprise

    Kenith Adcox
    UTMB Police

    Aishat Adebayo

    Dorine Ajong
    VL Med/Surg Nursing Unit

    Amber Armstead
    Occupational Therapy

    Zinkeng Asonganyi
    VL Pharmacy

    Bisma Baloch
    School of Medicine, Student

    Jennifer Barnett
    School of Nursing
    Asst Professor -  NTT Nursing

    Suresh Bhavnani
    Prev Med & Pop Health
    Biostatistics & Data Science

    Sandra Bloodworth
    VL Surgery – PREOP & PACU

    Jill Bryant-Bova
    Quality Management

    Cecelia Carstens

    Creshonda Collins
    Family Medicine

    Tammie Collins
    Internal Investigations

    Monica Clark
    Decision Support Analysis
    Nursing Admin - Perioperative

    Tilly Clark
    Office of the President

    Cleavon Covington
    Pediatric Immunology-Allergy

    Megan Dial
    School of Health Professions, Student

    Tsola Efejuku
    School of Medicine, Student

    Janet Enderle
    Clinical Laboratory Sciences
    School of Health Professions

    Kathleen Everling
    Educational Development
    School of Medicine

    Ximena Flandes
    Grad School Biomedical Science, Student

    Geraldine Giannotti
    EHS – Institutional Compliance
    EHS - General Safety & Fire Prev

    Catherine Goodridge
    Surgical Pathology Division

    Karen Gross
    Supply Chain

    Lizette Gutierrez
    School of Medicine, Student

    Saba Hansen
    Victory Lakes – Nuclear Medicine

    Manuel Higganbotham
    Patient Services

    Grayson Jackson
    School of Medicine, Student

    Dayoung Jeon
    School of Medicine, Student

    Eva Kizer
    IS-Business Intelligence

    Farah Kudrath
    Psych/Behavioral Sciences HS

    Kim Le
    IS-Clin EHR Support

    Tonette Lewis
    UTMB Cancer Center – Dickinson
    School of Nursing

    Lolita Lowery
    CHDP Int Med Specialties Clinic

    Mayra Perez Magana
    International Affairs Office

    Annette Martinez
    Psychiatry/Behavioral Science
    Revenue Cycle Coding

    Soshe Mayes
    Stringfellow Unit (R2)

    Jayco McCowan
    Inst Ofc Reg Nonclinical Studies

    Ricshonda Milburn
    OB/GYN URO Gynecology

    Victor Moreno
    Provost Administration

    Brian Moses
    Environmental Services

    Kirk Nealy
    Provost Administration

    Meagan Nkansah
    Grad School Biomedical Science, Student
    School of Public and Population Health

    Olubenga Ojo
    Internal Medicine

    Savannah Parks
    Patient Resource Center
    Nursing Program Development

    Premal Patel
    Internal Medicine – General Medicine

    Crystalyn Richard
    Physical Therapy
    School of Health Professions

    Jose Rojas
    Respiratory Care
    School of Health Professions

    Rafael Samper Ternent
    Internal Medicine – Geriatrics

    Nobie Scott
    Telford Unit

    Hani Serag
    Center Eliminate Health Disparities
    Internal Med-Endocrinology

    Alexander Stephens
    Community Representative

    Kelly Stewart
    Lychner Unit

    Haris Vakil
    Family Medicine – Residency Train

    Kimberly Vaughn
    UTMB Police

    Nicholas Viator
    Business Development

    Sarah Villarreal
    Ob-Gyn Gynecology

    Richard Walker
    Quality Management

    Cindy West
    School of Nursing, DNP Program

    Mellodee White
    Pedi Vaccinology Research

    Alexandria Wilson
    School of Health Professions, Student

Contact:    culture@utmb.edu      (409) 747-4862

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Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups are voluntary, member-led groups that share a common purpose, interest, background or activity and are aligned with UTMB's mission and business objectives. Members of these groups help to create an inclusive workplace by actively embracing the varying perspectives and experiences of others and promoting our core values.

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups provide a platform for staff, faculty and students with a common interest or purpose to participate in activities and to interact socially. UTMB also has a number of departments and offices throughout the university committed to advancing a culture of diversity and inclusion.

To register an Affinity Group, please refer to these documents:

Affinity Groups Available at UTMB

Affinity Groups

  • LGBTQ+ Allies in Medicine

    LGBTQ+ Allies in Medicine strives to create more inclusive working and learning environments at UTMB. The group provides training programs on topics such as gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, romantic orientation and other areas of focus on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. For more information, click here or contact Hayley Rogers.

  • UTMB Administrative Professionals Association

    The UTMB Administrative Professionals Association (APA) is a diverse group of employees dedicated to promoting personal and professional development. The APA provides a team-oriented environment and access to a network of support staff located across the university. Those who join will have the opportunity to participate in volunteer activities at UTMB and in our communities. The APA is open to anyone currently employed or retired from UTMB in an administrative professional position.

    Click here to learn more about this group or to complete a membership application.

  • UTMB Bow Tie Social Club

    The UTMB Bow Tie Social Club (BTSC) is a medical history interest group that meets once a month to enjoy a presentation and discussion facilitated by a faculty member or student. A full dinner is served, and all attendees are required to wear a bow tie. Click here for more information.

  • UTMB Coed Softball League

    The UTMB Co-Ed Softball League has been in existence for more than 30 years. The league begins playing in mid-May and runs until mid-July. Games are held every Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. at the fields across from the Alumni Field House. All UTMB students, staff, faculty and contract workers (including spouses, siblings and children age 18 and older) are invited to form a team or to join a current team. For more information, see the UTMB Coed Softball League Facebook page or contact Scott Saxon.

  • UTMB Cycling Team

    The mission of this team is to promote exercise through the sport of cycling and to represent UTMB at local biking and charity events. The group is composed of riders at all skill levels and includes students, staff and faculty.

    Members of the UTMB Cycling Team regularly participate in training rides and community sponsored events on the weekends. In 2014, the group was recognized as a top fundraising team at the Bike Around the Bay two-day ride. If you are interested in cycling to stay in shape and would like to take part in group training rides or long-distance events, contact Victor Moreno. You may also visit the UTMB Cycling Team Facebook page for more information.

  • UTMB Osler Club

    The Osler Club at UTMB serves as a forum to study the life and teachings of Sir William Osler, the history of medicine, and the medical humanities. Osler believed that physicians should have a strong background in science, that physicians should always do what is right and best for individual patients, and that medical care should be delivered humanely. The group convenes bimonthly and attendance is open to all members of the UTMB community. For more information, click here.

  • UTMB Postdoctoral Association

    The UTMB Postdoctoral Association (PDA) aims to enhance the experience of all postdoctoral scholars and fellows and to help them fully capitalize on the unique opportunities available during this pivotal phase of career development. The group promotes interactions across departments to foster multidisciplinary scientific exchange and collaborative initiatives. Other activities include career development seminars, social hours, volunteer opportunities and the annual Postdoc Appreciation Week. To find out how you can get involved in the PDA, click here or email pdassoc@utmb.edu.

Departments/Offices Supporting Diversity and Inclusion at UTMB