EMERGE Resource Group

EMERGE is a member-led resource group focused on advancing a culture of inclusion for UTMB's next generation of leaders. The group is open to all employees and students, and it strives to shape the university's future by inspiring innovation, engagement and learning in a way that connects, aligns and harnesses multigenerational professionals.

Vision, Mission and Objectives
EMERGE Resource Group Leadership


EMERGEx talks, workshops and other networking events are held every quarter and cover a variety of stimulating topics to promote conversation and creatively awaken your inner leader. All members of the UTMB community are invited to attend these thought-provoking sessions.

Upcoming Events
Embracing Diversity by Understanding Styles of Communication • July 31, 2019, at 12 p.m.

Archived Events
EMERGE 2019 Kickoff Event • Feb. 28, 2019
UTMB Resource Groups Networking Mixer • Oct. 23, 2018
EMERGEx Discussion: Be the Change You Seek • Oct. 25, 2018
Your Road Ahead • Sept. 18, 2018
Communication in the Multi-Generational Workforce • Oct. 3, 2018
Career Advancement: Interviewing Skills and Understanding Your Compensation • Aug. 16, 2018
EMERGEx Workshop: Communicating Through Conflict • June 6, 2018
Networking Event at Willie G's • April 23, 2018
Member Meeting in Rebecca Sealy, Room 1.104/1.106 • April 25, 2018
EMERGEx Talk: What's Your Brand • May 10, 2018
EMERGEx Workshop: Learn How to Maximize Your Online Presence • March 7, 2018
EMERGEx Talk: Developing Your Professional Brand • Feb. 1, 2018
EMERGEx Talk: Learning in a New World • July 12, 2017

How to Join

Want to be a part of this interactive group? Complete a membership application today!

Members of the EMERGE Resource Group receive:

  • Insights on the issues impacting early professionals and emerging leaders
  • Support on creating an inclusive culture and multigenerational awareness
  • Guidance on developing leadership and communications skills
  • Transition support into the workforce and leadership positions
  • Inspiring networking and mentoring opportunities

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