Women's Resource Group

Distinguishable from the Women's Leadership Network whose prime focus is leadership development for women, the Women's Resource Group (WRG) is an inclusive group that expands the support for women in diverse capacities (professional, health and wellness, social, advocacy and work-life balance) and increases unity among women in the UTMB community. In essence, the WRG serves as a circle of support for women through shared experiences to empower each other for greatness in all aspects of life.


Vision, Mission and Values
WRG Leadership Committee
WRG Woman Trailblazer Award

WRG Events

WRG focus groups, workshops, conferences, presentations and other networking events will cover a variety of stimulating topics to promote conversation and inspire women. All members of the UTMB community are invited to attend these functions.

Upcoming Events
Women's Resource Group Presents: Sustaining Work, Life & Balance as a Professional • June 12, 2019 • 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. • Galveston Campus, SHP/SON 1.102 Quad Room 101

Archived Events
Women's Resource Group Inaugural Event – March 20, 2019

How to Join

Want to be a part of this interactive group? Complete a membership application today!

Member benefits include:

  • Access to UTMB and community programs, events and activities that promote the values of women
  • Peer network that supports the work and contributions of women
  • Opportunities for open communication between the WRG members and UTMB leadership regarding policies, practices and other resources that assist women to be successful

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