Employee Injury/Illness Management

Employee Injury/Illness Management provides guidance and assistance with workers’ compensation injuries and illnesses.

Workers' Compensation Insurance (WCI)

WCI is designed to provide medical coverage and, in some cases, financial payments to employees who suffer compensable injuries or occupational diseases in the course and scope of employment. WCI is not health insurance, and it does not provide compensation for damage to or loss of personal property.

It is important to report a work-related injury/illness as soon as possible by calling Employee Injury/Illness Management at (409) 772-1892. Please note that reporting an injury/illness does not make it compensable, and not all injuries/illnesses are covered by WCI.

IHOP 3.7.5 Workers' Compensation Insurance
Instructions and Forms for Reporting a Work-Related Injury or Illness

Please see Institutional ADA for information regarding:

  • Ergonmic Job Site Evaluation
  • Temporary Modified Duty
  • Permanent Job Accommodation
  • Leave as a Reasonable Accommodation

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