Sick Leave Donation

A benefits-eligible employee may donate sick leave to another benefits-eligible employee at UTMB provided: the recipient of the donation meets the eligibility requirements to use sick leave; the recipient of the donation has exhausted his or her own sick leave; and the recipient of the donation has exhausted any time that he or she is eligible to withdraw from the sick leave pool.

Recipients of the donation may only use the sick leave for absences due to his or her own health condition or to assist with the care of an immediate family member.

The dollar value of the donated sick leave will be included in the donor’s taxable income for the pay period during which the donation is made, and UTMB will withhold taxes from the donor’s paycheck. The donor’s earnings must be sufficient to cover the taxes in order for the donation to be executed.

Please note:

  • An employee may not provide or receive remuneration or a gift in exchange for donated sick leave.
  • Any sick leave hours donated to a recipient are available for use from the date that the donation is executed and cannot be applied retroactively.
  • Donated sick leave hours are irrevocable once executed and cannot be returned to the donor’s available sick leave balance.
  • Unlike an employee's own accrued sick leave, donated sick leave hours cannot be:
    • Used to attend parent-teacher conferences;
    • Donated to another UTMB employee;
    • Donated to the UTMB sick leave pool;
    • Reinstated if the recipient separates from UTMB employment and is subsequently reemployed by the State within 12 months of separation;
    • Transferred if the recipient transfers to another state agency; or
    • Paid to the recipient’s estate if the recipient dies.

To donate sick leave, the following form must be completed by the donating employee and returned to Leave Management:

Direct Sick Leave Donation Form

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