Drive Less and Save More with METRO STAR Vanpool

Feb 22, 2023, 10:37 AM by Alexa Akim

If you’re looking to catch a break from driving in traffic, METRO STAR vanpool can help you save money and avoid stress on your commute.

Vanpooling works like carpooling except none of the participants have to put mileage on their personal vehicle. METRO leases groups a van to commute in, and the costs—vehicle, fuel, parking and tolls—are split between all participants.

When you register for a vanpool, you will be matched with people who live and work in the same areas and have similar schedules as you. Vanpool routes can end or start anywhere in the Greater Houston eight-county region, so you are eligible for the service even if you are located outside the METRO bus and rail service area.

Visit or for more information on how to join.