Benchmark Your Skills through UTMB’s Digital Learning Platform

Aug 28, 2023, 10:19 AM by Alexa Akim

The continual learning and development of employees is essential to UTMB’s mission, vision and values and having a growth mindset can help you excel in your role and prepare for future opportunities. Did you know that you can gauge your proficiency in a particular skill through the university’s digital learning platform?

Powered by Skillsoft Percipio, the platform uses skill benchmarks to measure your capabilities against specific objectives defined by leading subject matter experts. The skill benchmarks will help to identify your knowledge gaps, so that you can focus on the skills you need to improve and not on those you already know.

The platform offers hundreds of skill benchmarks. To find a skill benchmark:

  • Go to and log in using your UTMB username and password.
  • Enter skill benchmark in the search box.
  • Filter by subject, expertise and/or duration.
  • Select the skill benchmark you want to take and answer each question.

After you answer all the questions, you’ll immediately receive a proficiency rating:

  • Novice (0-9 points): Novice means that you are starting with very limited familiarity on the topics critical for the skill.
  • Aspiring (10-49 points): Aspiring means that you have demonstrated minimal capabilities for the specific skill and should make an investment in learning to achieve proficiency.
  • Developing (50-69 points): Developing means that you have some proficiency with the specific skill and only need to close a few knowledge gaps to achieve proficiency.
  • Proficient (70-89 points): Proficiency means that you have met the criteria for applying your knowledge with the skill to practical challenges in your work. We recommend you strive to achieve a minimum level of Proficiency for the skills you are developing.
  • Advanced (90-100 points): Advanced means that you demonstrate a thorough understanding of the skill and may be able to mentor other learners within your organization.

You’ll also be presented with targeted learning content based on your level of readiness and goals. You can take a skill benchmark as many times as you want, and the platform will track your scores to see your improvement over time.

If you’re a manager, you can use the platform to assign a skill benchmark to your team as well as learning content to improve their competency with a high focus skill. This may be an excellent approach if, for example, your team is struggling to improve customer service perceptions. It would allow employees to know where they should focus their personal development to achieve a team objective. Improvements can then be measured by employees’ skill benchmark scores and departmental outcomes.

For more information about UTMB’s digital learning platform, including user videos and guides, visit