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Recruitment Services provides UTMB's departments with hiring assistance, which includes but is not limited to staffing planning, candidate sourcing and screening, advertising, development of diverse applicant pools, onboarding of new employees and consultation on the job posting process.


Proactive planning will help departments to avoid talent surpluses or shortages as well as long delays in the hiring process. Hiring managers are encouraged to analyze their current workforce, determine future needs, identify gaps and implement solutions.

Standard Recruitment Process and Timeline
HR Recruitment High-Level Process Flow
Job Descriptions
Salary Ranges by Job Code
Salary Ranges by Job Title
HRBI Reports
HR Partners and Resources


Posting sets up successful recruitment activities. Hiring managers should consult with their recruiter prior to posting to help establish screening criteria and determine what sourcing/marketing strategies will be used. Remember, candidates apply to job postings that look appealing to them. Make sure each posting spells out exactly what is needed.

Health System Position Approval Process
Creating and Submitting an EAF
Completing a Draft Job Opening in PeopleSoft HCM
Externally Posted UTMB Jobs


Recruiters will guide the talent to the hiring managers. Hiring managers will interview and make the decision on who to hire based on the best match against the job requirements. Remember to keep all interview notes to send to the recruiter once a final candidate has been selected.

Interview Process
Interview Guidelines
Interview Tips
Interview Questions Template
Examples of General Interview Questions
Examples of Behavioral Interview Questions
Selection Packet
Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Program Overview (OFCCP)


The hiring manager should discuss the salary with his or her recruiter. The recruiter will draft the offer letter and forward it to the hiring manager for review once the completed selection packet has been received.

Salary Administration Procedures
Salary Exception Approval Process


Once the signed offer letter has been received by Recruitment Services, the pre-employment process will be initiated by the HR Business Coordinator.

IHOP 03.02.06 Criminal History Background Checks for Employment
IHOP 03.07.02 Pre-Employment Drug Testing
New Hire Packet
Without Salary Appointment Checklist
New Hire Packet for WOS


The hiring manager should plan for the new employee's arrival and make his or her experience welcoming.

Onboarding Requirements for Contractors
Information Services Access Management
Information Services Business Operations
Badge Office and Lock Shop
First 30 Days Checklist
Tips for Helping New Employees Succeed

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