Employee Referral Bonus Program

The ERBP was developed to award the recruitment efforts of all paid employees. Any paid employee who successfully refers an applicant to a benefits-eligible, hard-to-fill (HTF) Clinical Enterprise position (e.g., UTMB hospitals and clinics, including Galveston Campus, Angleton Danbury Campus, League City Campus, RMCHP, TDCJ Hospital and Correctional Managed Care) will receive the below payout:

  • $1,500 over two years
    • $250 after three months
    • $250 after six months
    • $500 after one year
    • final $500 after two years

All payouts are subject to taxation, and the applicant and referring employee must both be employed at UTMB at the time of each payout.

Important Notice
This is not an institution-wide incentive program. Applicants hired in Academic Enterprise and Institutional Support positions are not eligible hires for this program. One-time payouts for non-HTF positions have been discontinued effective 6/1/2014.

Referral Bonus Guidelines and Eligibility

Please see below for the ERBP's referral bonus guidelines and eligibility criteria:

  • The recipient, “referring employee,” must be an employee prior to the appointment of the applicant.
  • The recipient must be an active paid employee through the duration of the bonus payout.
  • If the recipient is on leave of absence (LOA), the bonus will be paid when he or she returns to work.
  • Members of the President's Council and employees directly responsible or on the hierarchy/managerial chain for the applicant's position are not eligible for the bonus.
  • If the hired, “referred” employee goes on LOA, the time period of eligibility is on hold until he or she returns from leave.
  • Eligible applicants cannot have been employed by UTMB in the last 12 months.
  • Eligible applicants must remain in an eligible position after hire for the duration of the payout. If the applicant transfers to an area or position that is not a part of the program or separates from the institution, the payout to the referring employee is null and void.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals an employee can make.

Click here for program details and a list of hard-to-fill positions.

Referral Bonus Payouts

To check the status of a referral payout, please email your inquiry to utmbjobs@utmb.edu, and you will receive a response whting three business days.

Please be advised:

  • The hired employee can verify/inquire via email about the referral name listed on his or her application but is not allowed to make changes. The hired employee is not, however, able to verify if payment has been paid out to the referral listed.
  • The recipient of the referral can inquire via email if he or she has not received a payout in the specified time period, keeping in mind that it can take up to three pay periods after completion of the timeframe for payout disbursement.

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