Employee Performance Management

UTMB’s performance management program is essential for the continued growth and development of our workforce, and it enables employees and managers to:

  • Actively participate in the entire performance review process
  • Collaborate on performance goals and outcomes that align with UTMB’s mission
  • Focus on behaviors and actions that have a direct impact on institutional results
  • Monitor and document performance throughout the review period
  • Recognize achievements and identify opportunities for improvement

Performance Evaluation Process

The performance evaluation process includes setting employee goals, providing continual feedback, documenting performance and evaluating results.

An effective evaluation process establishes clear performance goals and behavior expectations; clarifies responsibilities and provides direction on departmental priorities; identifies individual strengths and weaknesses; and provides a direct link between performance and pay.

Untitled Annual Evaluations

In accordance with IHOP Policy 3.1.4, all faculty and staff members must be formally evaluated at least once annually. The deadline for completing annual evaluations within ePerformance each year is July 31, and the review process consists of three phases:

Planning Phase
  • Managers create performance review documents in the ePerformance system
  • Employees and managers work together to develop individualized key performance goals that are aligned with UTMB's mission and overall business strategy
  • Employees and managers review and discuss core technical competencies and institutional values
Tracking Phase
  • Managers monitor employee performance, track progress against established goals and provide ongoing feedback and coaching
  • Employees and managers document achievements and observed behaviors using the Performance Notes feature in ePerformance
Evaluation Phase
  • Employees complete self-evaluation (if required)
  • Managers establish a development or improvement plan for each employee
  • Managers complete performance review documents and submit for second-level approval
  • Managers conduct face-to-face meetings with employees to discuss evaluations, action plans and final performance ratings

Six-Month Evaluations

As state employees, all new hires are subject to a six-month probationary period and a performance review at the conclusion of that period. Evaluations must be completed in the ePerformance system.

Three-Month Evaluations

A three-month evaluation is recommended for employees who transfer or are promoted into a new position within UTMB. These type of evaluations should be completed in the ePerformance system.

ePerformance System Training

Online Training Simulations

These interactive tutorials are open to all employees and will help users to navigate the ePerformance system by simulating the screens and fields found in the evaluation tool.

Classroom Training

Instructor-led training is available for managers who are new to ePerformance or would like a reminder on how to create and maintain performance review documents.

Performance Evaluation Tips and Tools

Preparing for Your Performance Appraisal (PowerPoint presentation)
ePerformance Quick Guide – Employees (PDF)
ePerformance Online Training Simulations (UPKs)
My Road Ahead – FY17 Employee Overview (PowerPoint presentation)
My Road Ahead: Employee Development Planning Process (PDF)
Development Planning: A Guide for Employee Development (PDF)
Development Planning Self-Assessment (PDF)
Individual Development Planning Template (Word)

Developing SMART Goals (PowerPoint presentation)
Effective Performance Management (PowerPoint presentation)
ePerformance Quick Guide – Managers (PDF)
ePerformance Quick Guide – Second-Level Approvers (PDF)
ePerformance Quick Guide – Admin. Role (PDF)
ePerformance Online Training Simulations (UPKs)
My Road Ahead – FY17 Management Overview (PowerPoint presentation)
ePerformance Champions Training (PowerPoint presentation)

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