Enterprise Learning Management

The Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) system is a web-based application used to administer and maintain UTMB’s professional development and compliance-related training. The system serves as the platform for delivering and tracking course content, schedules, enrollments and completions. It offers a number of benefits:

  • Single operating platform – The online system provides a secure, controlled environment for managing and completing required training courses.
  • Customized courses – With the ELM system, departments have the flexibility to create courses specific to their training and development needs.
  • Automated email notifications and reminders – Users receive automatically generated email notifications and reminders about mandatory training.
  • Standardized tracking and reporting – The ELM system offers enhanced tracking and reporting tools to comply with institutional and state regulations.
  • Increased visibility – Users now have the ability to review their course transcripts at any time and to print certificates of completion.

How to Access Online Training
Required Compliance Training
Online Tutorials
Printable Job Aides

Click to Access the ELM System

New Employees – ELM Enrollment Survey

All new employees must complete the enrollment survey. This survey will determine the courses needed to complete your online training requirements. Click here for instructions on completing the enrollment survey.

  • New employee = one who has never worked for UTMB or has previously worked for UTMB with a break in service
  • Current employee = one who has worked for UTMB without a break in service
  • CMC employee = one who works at a Correctional Managed Care facility

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