Foundational Management Training Program

UTMB offers an institution-wide program to strengthen the foundational knowledge and leadership skills of our managers.

The Foundational Management Training Program (FMTP) is designed to help managers develop the key competencies needed to effectively lead people and processes and to achieve departmental and institutional goals. FMTP's primary objectives are to improve employee engagement and readiness skills; increase accountabilities; promote collaboration across business areas; and reduce employee turnover.

FMTP Overview

The FMTP program is based on the five fundamental functions of management – planning, directing, organizing, staffing and monitoring. Training is comprised of three phases spread over an 18-month period. It includes participant assessments; 40 hours of classroom instruction on 10 distinct learning modules; and the practical application of new skills and behaviors in the workplace.

Learning Modules and Assessments

The FMTP program covers 10 distinct learning areas:

  • Self-awareness
  • Goal Setting
  • Financial Planning
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • UTMB Recruitment Process
  • Managing Within the Law
  • Performance Evaluation Process and Employee Development
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Compensation at UTMB

Training includes formal and interactive instruction, group work and independent study, and it focuses on evidenced-based and experiential learning to transfer skills and behaviors from the classroom to the workplace. Training sessions are generally four hours once per month.

Managerial skills improvement will be measured through pre-program and post-program assessments and feedback from participant leaders.

Nomination and Selection Process

FMTP training is coordinated by HR's Talent and Organizational Development team, and it is open to first-time and experienced managers with at least one direct report.

Managers who would like to take part in the program should inform their leader. New training sessions will occur frequently throughout the year, and participants are selected based on management nominations and institutional development needs.

Those selected for the program will be contacted directly by TOD.

For More Information

Please contact the FMTP administrator for more information:

Steven J. Baines, FMTP Manager and Sr. TOD Consultant

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