Leone Award for Administrative Excellence

Congratulations to the Winner of the 2017 Leone Award!

Cathy Copeland
Business Operations Manager for the School of Nursing

2017 Nominees

Ana Ayala-Garcia
Ana Laura Ramos
Andy Correa
Anitra Lindley
Cathy Elton
Cathy Copeland
Christine Villarreal
Christopher Gross
Daryl Ewing
Dell Roach
Desiree McGahey
Donna Adams

Donna Britton
Elizabeth McCombs
James Johnson
Jamie Williams
Jason Garner
Jeanne Bellanger
Joel Rivera
Korie Vance
LaMeka Martin
Lisa Spencer
Lorraine Hunter-Simpson
Lucia Cardenas-Gonzales

Malinda Roque
Margaret Parsley
Maria Gonzalez
Maria C. Lee
Melanie Roberts
Mike Cromie
Noreen Hargreaves
Oyebamiji Adebayo
Paula Stangeland
Raul Garza
Matt White
Rosey Ruiz

S. Nychole Upton
Sharon Boening
Sherry Bastien
Simon Gallardo
Starr Stanich
Stephanie Burt
Stephanie Solano
Suzanne Wilson
Tandra Medellin
Teri Smith
Veronica Martinez
William Russell

The Nicholas and Katherine Leone Award for Administrative Excellence is presented annually to a manager or supervisor who has achieved administrative excellence and abides by the values and standards outlined in the UTMB Professionalism Charter.

The award was founded in 1971 through an endowment from Dr. Nicholas Leone, a former commanding officer and director of the Public Health Service Hospital in Galveston, and his wife Katherine.

Eligibility Criteria

The Leone Award recognizes managers/supervisors who display the highest degree of professionalism and adhere to UTMB's standards of conduct. To be considered for the award, managers/supervisors must meet the following criteria:

  • Benefits-eligible, frontline manager/supervisor
  • Have a Classified appointment (paid biweekly)
  • Have at least 12 months of continuous service
  • Have at least one direct report
  • No performance improvement plan or corrective action initiated within the last 12 months
  • Completed all mandatory requirements in FY16 (e.g., compliance training, testing, licensing, etc.)


Any UTMB employee may nominate a manager/supervisor for the award.

2017 Nomination Process and Timeline
2017 Leone Award FAQs

Selection Process

The Leone Award recipient is selected by the Employee Advisory Council from the pool of qualified managers/supervisors. Only one winner is chosen and formally recognized at the university's annual Employee Service Day ceremony.

Award Guidelines

The award recipient and his or her department/unit receive a $7,500 monetary gift from the Leone endowment – $2,500, for the winning manager/supervisor and $5,000 for the department/unit.

2017 Award Disbursement Guidelines

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