TOD Programs and Services

Executive Programs and Services

Coaching at UTMB

This program utilizes three functional methodologies of coaching to improve performance and refine professional behaviors.

  • Transitional coaching (strategic hires and internal promotions)
  • Coaching for success (helping leaders get even better)
  • Coaching for performance ( performance intervention)
The Leadership Challenge (TLC)

The Leadership Challenge® workshop, derived from the internationally best-selling book by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, approaches leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviors. (More information)

Manager Programs and Services

Foundational Management Training Program (FMTP)

FMTP is designed to help managers develop the key competencies needed to effectively lead people and processes and to achieve departmental and institutional goals. (More information)

Physician Leadership Academy

The outcomes expected from the academy are that participants will increase their knowledge and understanding of themselves, management practices, and the business of health care; develop their skills in leading people and processes in a health care environment; and increase their confidence in applying their new skills on the job. (More information)

Employee Programs and Services

Coaching for Emerging Leaders

The Coaching for Emerging Leaders program is an internal one-on-one coaching program designed to prepare the next generation of multigenerational leaders of UTMB. (More information)

UT System Learning Zone

The UT System Learning Zone is a free online library of books, training courses, videos and other learning assets that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all employees. (More information)

Institutional Programs

Employee Service Day

Employee Service Day is a program when UTMB celebrates employee years of service in five-year increments. (More information)

GEM Program

This recognition program is designed for employees, students and volunteers to recognize each other for professional behavior and for "Going the Extra Mile (GEM)" in their daily activities. Check out the site for more information on the GEM Program.  (More information)

Leone Award

The Nicholas and Katherine Leone Award for Administrative Excellence is presented annually to a manager/supervisor who has achieved administrative excellence and has exemplified the values and standards outlined in the university's Professionalism Charter. (More information)

New Employee Orientation

New Employee Orientation is offered in a classroom setting on the first and third Monday of each month.
(More information)

UTMB Learn

UTMB Learn is a cloud-based learning management system used to administer and maintain UTMB’s professional development and compliance-related training. (Click to access)

You Count Employee Survey

Participation in the survey is critical to the institution’s success. The more employees who take part in the survey, the more accurately UTMB can identify and address workplace perceptions and concerns.
(More information)

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