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Here is a look at 5 important takeaways about UTMB's transition to the myPTO program!

UTMB will transition from the existing state-sponsored vacation and sick leave plans to a paid time off program for all benefits-eligible faculty and staff on March 28, 2022. The new myPTO program will give you more control over how you spend your earned time off, and here are 5 things you need to know about the upcoming transition.

You will not experience any loss of existing vacation and sick leave balances with this transition.
All vacation and sick leave hours you previously accrued under the state-sponsored plans will be deposited into your PTO and EIB accounts on March 28, 2022. You will receive a personalized impact statement to assist you in understanding how your leave balances will be transferred and how you will accrue leave under the myPTO program. See the Existing Vacation and Sick Leave Balances Fact Sheet for more details.

You will be subject to new PTO accrual rates and carryforward limits.
The Paid Time Off component of the myPTO program provides you with a bank of hours that may be used for vacation, short-term illness/injury and other personal situations that require time away from work. You will accrue PTO hours monthly based on your total years of state service and FTE status. The hours are credited on the first calendar day of each month and are available for your immediate use.

Total years of state serviceHours accrued per month for full-time employee*Hours accrued per year for full-time employee*Days accrued per year for full-time employee**
0 up to 414.667176.022.0
4 up to 916.334196.024.5
9 up to 1417.334208.026.0
14 up to 2019.334232.029.0
20 up to 2521.334256.032.0
25 up to 3023.334280.035.0
30 up to 3525.334304.038.0
*Hours are prorated based on FTE status.
**Days reflect an 8-hour work shift and are prorated based on FTE status.

PTO carryforward limits are administered on a fiscal year basis (Sept. 1 to Aug. 31) based on employees’ total years of state service as of March 28, 2022. Any PTO hours above your maximum carryforward limit at the end of each fiscal year will be rolled into your EIB on Sept. 1. See the Paid Time Off Fact Sheet to find out your maximum carryforward limit.

You will accrue up to 40 hours of EIB each fiscal year.
The Extended Illness Bank provides income protection for your own illness/injury or an immediate family member’s illness/injury that lasts longer than 16 hours. You will accrue up to 40 hours (prorated for FTE status) of EIB each fiscal year. The hours are credited in a lump sum on Sept. 1 and are available for your immediate use. (Note: You will receive a prorated lump sum of EIB hours on April 1, 2022, to reflect the number of months remaining in FY22.) Unused EIB hours may carryforward from one fiscal year to the next with no limits. See the Extended Illness Bank Fact Sheet to learn more about using your EIB accruals.

You will still have access to other types of state-sponsored paid leave.
Under the myPTO program, you will still be able to take time away from work without a loss of accruals for other types of state-sponsored paid leave. Examples include funeral leave, jury duty, military leave and time off for voting. See the Other Types of Paid Leave Fact Sheet for a list of all available paid leaves.

You will be paid for all accrued PTO hours when you separate or retire from UTMB.
If you separate from UTMB for any reason, you will receive a lump sum payment for the total number of PTO hours accrued but not used as of your last day of employment. Payment will be calculated at your monthly or hourly base pay rate at the time of your separation. You also have the option to defer any portion of your unused PTO hours (up to the IRS limits) to a 457(b) deferred compensation account. If you transfer to another state agency, your PTO balance may be transferred to the new agency if you have no break in service and the accrued hours were not paid at the time of your separation from UTMB.

Don’t forget to sign up for one of the myPTO information sessions!

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  • Click on By Application and select myPTO from dropdown
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Information sessions are available until Feb. 15!