Emergency Planning

UTMB managers must ensure they are prepared to deal with all adverse events that may cause a disruption of operations. To facilitate the required operational activities in the event of an emergency, a variety of resources and tools are available to assist you.

  • UTMB Emergency Operations – This site is the online home for UTMB's Emergency Operations Plan, the Bioterrorism and Emerging Infectious Diseases Readiness Plans, Business Continuity Planning and other related documents.
  • UTMB Alerts – UTMB Alerts is the institution's emergency notification system. The system is only activated when there is a risk of significant harm or an urgent threat. Registration for UTMB Alerts is voluntary; however, it is highly recommended for all employees.
  • Emergency Classification and Acknowledgement Form – This form must be completed annually by all faculty and staff members. It's purpose is to assist managers in designating which employees are essential and which are non-essential during adverse events. Click here for assistance with the form.

Additional Resources

IHOP 3.1.1 Staffing During Adverse Conditions
Employee Emergency Classification: Talking Points for Managers
Adverse Events Toolkit
Information for Sheltering in Place and Ride-Out Teams
UTMB Disaster Pay Guidelines

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